A new world of possibilities

Let´s consolidate a new industry

A new kind of Industrial Company

IMPRERIA® was born in 2015 as a company that will revolutionize the industry through exclusive use of 3D printing.

IMPRERIA® is one of the first industrial companies that uses this technology to 100% in its manufacturing processes, being more versatile can be accessed to sectors such as defense, aerospace, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Transportation, Construction, Medicine, Food and Industrial design, boosting economic growth, optimizing resources, making use of alternative energy, improving production methods and helping people realize their ideas without limitations. «A new class of Industrial Company».

A new kind of Industrial Company

Our Principles

Dedication day by day to offer solutions :

Feasible, Simple, fast, accurate and Viable for Industry and General Public.

Achieve the unimaginable.

We know the importance of design and development of new products, therefore We work together as strategic partners of advanced technology.

Using 3D printing design limitations and feasibility of manufacturing are no longer a problem.


Let us help you with your projects.